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A divorce is an emotional process. It is not easy to dissolve a marriage, no matter how ready you are. If you’ve decided to hire a divorce lawyer, you need to know your right and your childrens best interests are represented during your divorce proceedings in court. Do not settle on the first attorney you call and do not assume that a higher billing rate means a better lawyer. Our divorce lawyers have experience and handle all types of divorce, child custody, and family law cases each year and they are prepared to get the best possible results for each client at low rate
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- If you are facing divorce, separation, domestic abuse or other family difficulties,  our experts will help guide you through this often distressing and confusing time.

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 What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce occurs when: (a) there are no disputes or disagreements between you and your spouse over any financial or divorce-related issues (i.e., child custody and support, division of marital property or spousal support); and (b) your spouse either agrees to the divorce or fails to to file a formal response.

Usually only one of the spouses hires a lawyer to prepare the necessary paperwork. Lawyers cannot represent both sides in a divorce. After the complaint and summons are filed and served, the defendant has 21 days (28 if served by mail or out of state) to file an answer admitting or denying each paragraph in the complaint. The defendant may also file a counterclaim, to which the plaintiff must file an answer.

Once the answer is filed, the case is contested. If the defendant does not file an answer, an order of default is entered. The matter then becomes an uncontested divorce case.

No divorce, whether contested or uncontested, is granted without a court hearing to determine the truth of the statements made in the complaint for divorce. 

Minimize Your Costs, Time, and Stress

At the Divorce attorneys of Michigan, PLC, we believe that divorce should be inexpensive and fast, to minimize problems at an already difficult time. We also believe that, while difficult decisions must be made, the decision process can often be simplified.


•A party must reside in MICHIGAN for 180 days prior to the filing of the complaint for divorce

•A party must reside in the COUNTY where the divorce is filed for at least 10 days prior to filing for divorce.

•If there are NO CHILDREN - the divorce can take as little as 60 days.

•If there are CHILDREN - there is a waiting period usually of six months.

Is an Uncontested Divorce Right for me?

An uncontested divorce is often a good way to resolve a divorce favorably and less expensively. For a divorce to be defined as uncontested, you and your spouse must decide the best way to end their marriage without going to trial. Basically, this means that both of you agree and sign a Judgment of divorce that our office will prepare for you after thoroughly discussing all aspects of your divorce case with you. The divorce judgment will usually state:

That your marriage ends / its over;

Who gets custody of the minor children and when the other parent sees them;

Who pays child support and how much;

If health insurance for the children will be paid and who will pay it;

Who should pay past bills;

How personal and real property (including retirement benefits) will be divided;

If one spouse must pay support to the other (spousal support or alimony)

If you and your spouse can agree on these issues, you have an excellent chance of completing your uncontested divorce. Even if you and your spouse have a few outstanding minor disagreements or uncertainties, an uncontested divorce will likely work for you. We prepare all documents specifically  for your particular divorce.

We represent only you and assist you in that process. 

Contested or Uncontested: You Decide 

We strongly recommend that every couple seeking a divorce in Michigan first use all means possible to work out mutual terms. This is will save you maoney and can be done independently, or through arbitration or mediation. This will save time, money, and stress, and free you from a lengthy and expensive court battle.

Our Affordable Prices 

If you are seeking an uncontested michigan divorce  you should use a lawyer to represent you. Hiring the services of a paralegal, even for an uncontested divorce, may be less expensive, but only an attorney can provide you with the guidance and expertise needed for a successful outcome. We have made the divorce process easy and very affordable. We offer some of the lowest prices on the web but we do not skip quality. We do not charge for postage, copies, or paralegal fees for your uncontested case. Our flat fees cover the entire cost for your uncontested divorces, except for court costs, and are paid in full at the beginning of your case.

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Divorce is a complicated process, both legally and emotionally. It requires strength, perseverance and hard work. Thoughtful planning, however, can make your transition from wife to single life smoother. Planning should begin the moment you decide to divorce. If you’ve already decided to divorce, begin planning and taking these steps now.

We provide free, in-person consultations, and we may have appointments available in the early mornings, evenings and on the weekends for your convenience. Call us locally at 313-982-0010 

Waiting Periods

The waiting period for a divorce to be final in Michigan depends on whether or not the couple has minor children together. If children are involved with the divorce, the court requires both parties to wait six months (180 days) before a judgment of divorce can be granted; however, if children are not present in the relationship, or if they are not minors, the waiting period is two months (60 days). In certain circumstances these waiting periods can be waived by the judge, but this is highly unlikely

Contested or Uncontested: You Decide 

We recommend that every couple seeking a divorce first use all means possible to work out mutual terms.  This will save time, money, and stress, and free you from a lengthy and expensive court battle.

Dependable, Fast, and Inexpensive Divorce Services

At Divorce Attorneys of Michigan, our legal team will listen to your concerns, outline a recommended course of action, and answer your questions so that you feel comfortable and understand the divorce process. We do not charge for postage, copies, or paralegal fees for your uncontested case. Our fees cover the entire cost for your uncontested divorce.

24300 Southfield, Ste 210
Southfield, MI. 48075
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